Views of the rolling hills, framed from every window

Mount Panorama

Nestled in the Adelaide Hills, this stunning picturesque home combines farm living with elevated touches and modern functionality. The result? A home where our clients can work, play and live all in one space.

An adventure trove for the little ones, whether it be outdoor play or motorbike riding, the home featured multiple vantage points where parents can always keep a caring watchful eye. And with every window in the home framing a view, whether it be the big old gum trees, to the hills where you were just able to see the cows at a certain distance; each window was a nod to the tranquil landscape that surrounded it.

And our couple for this project? They are the type of people you’d love to sit next to at a dinner party. Laid back and open in their communication, not only did this make our design and build project that extra bit special as we had ease and flow of communication but it helped us know exactly how we could best support our clients from the A to Z which saw them turning the key in their new front door 18 months from the design stage.

From Land to Lifestyle

A mix of old world with the new, the entry of the home and the living space features locally sourced Basket Range Stone that adds the perfect contrast between warmth and texture into the home.

As a family that loves the outdoors and with littles that are adventure seekers, the home was designed as a place that you love to play, live and be in and be invited into.

The flow of living and family life paved the way to the design and build of this home with a living space purposefully built in the front section of the home and easy access to all four bedrooms and study. With huge floor to ceiling windows taking in the stunning rolling hills at every opportunity, wormy chestnut timber with stone tops used on floating vanities in the bathroom, your eyes will no doubt be drawn to the feature bathtub in the ensuite dappled with the soft light of sunset begging to be soaked in on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

The Details

The little things we loved about this forever home…

  • The living and dining area is the hero space of this home with windows everywhere that frame a view at every angle, whether it’s a 100-year-old gum tree, or a cow in the distance.
  • Created using locally sourced products like Basket Range Stone which add texture, depth and warmth to the interior.
  • An office you’re glad to walk into every day, with wormy chestnut timbers and complementary design elements that give a sense of luxury.

Words From Our Clients

“Thank you Aaron & Susie and the team at AMC for building our amazing home! 6 months has flown past and we are truly so happy with our home, we can’t thank you all enough. So many people have been so surprised by the layout of the house, they come into the main living and love the natural sunlight and views and then we take them on a tour and they are all like wow it just keeps on going… So GOOD!”