“The Important thing is not to stop questioning”

-Albert Einstein


Not in the slightest. For the right project and the right people, we’ll happily travel across most of the SA country to partner with you.

Absolutely. We believe the best home build journeys begin with taking the very first step, together. By partnering with us from your project’s inception, we can pull together the expertise of our entire team, take an eagle-eyed look at your land, and uncover the true vision for your forever home.

We’re flattered to hear you love what we’ve created, but unfortunately, we don’t share the floorplans of our clients’ homes. Our philosophy is underpinned by the idea that no two homes should ever be the same. However, if you’ve been inspired by one of our homes and would like some help refining your ideas, we’d be more than happy to meet with you in-person to discuss.

Our home build journey always starts with the land. Because of this, we won’t begin designing your forever home without the land to guide our pen.

However, if you’d like to know a little more about your land before you buy, we offer Site Assessment. This is where we’ll get our eagle eyes onto your block and help you get to know your land inside and out. Leaving no stone unturned, we’ll identify everything you need to know before you choose to commit

We only take on a small number of projects per year. We choose to do this so that we can fully immerse ourselves in building your dream home.

This means that we are there with you from the very start, to the day you’re holding the keys to your forever home in your hand, to beyond. Curious about our approach? Unearth the AMC experience here.

We get the best results for our clients when we’re involved from the outset. By being right beside you at every step, we’re able to create your forever home in the most economical way. Supported by our entire team, we are able to step you through everything from design, to approvals, to construction, all while making absolutely sure that you are supported and understood the whole way through.

Simply, we are in this for you and with you. We only take on a small number of builds every year to ensure that the journey with us is unlike any other. You’ll have AMC’s cofounders, Aaron and Susie, right by your side at every step of the way. To us, it’s not about the accolades. The golden number of projects we want to accomplish per year. It’s about connecting people with the forever homes they are destined for.

The Experience

From pre-construction, to build, to the final handing over of the keys, you’ll have Aaron, Susie, and our Project Manager, Rachael, to illuminate the path for you. We know that at times, the home build process is confusing. Which is why we are here to guide you through, step-by-step.

Aaron personally supervises the entire construction of your forever home. With his boots on the ground day-in and day-out, he doesn’t miss a beat

We’re an intentionally small team made up of hand-picked (and fantastic) humans. We have chosen to keep out team tight-knit so that we can all be across every detail of your journey with us. We only take on a small number of projects a year to ensure that from beginning to end, our high standards are met and exceeded.

We recommend partnering with us and either our trusted building designer or yours from the very start. Often, we meet with clients who have made a huge investment in design services, only to realise that actually bringing these plans into reality? Comes with an unrealistic price tag.

At AMC, we create bespoke homes with an architectural interest that won’t harbour unexpected expenses. To see our featured forever homes, take a look at our online portfolio.

About the Build

Good things take time. And so do extraordinary things. To ensure that your forever home comes together exactly as you imagine, we ask that you allow (on average):

3-6 months for design
3-6 months for council approval
6-8 weeks for final finance approval
7-10 months for build time (depending on the complexity of your land and home).

Here at AMC, we build from the land. And building from the land? Means that every forever home we create, is one-of-a-kind. Completely unique. And tailored to you. Because every person, and every home, is unique, we don’t offer a standardised quotation guide.

As every home is bespoke, we can’t provide you with a cost estimate without discussing your unique requirements. However, the forever homes we create usually start at $500k and can go upwards of $1mil.

From the very first meeting, and ongoing throughout the entire journey, we double and triple-check that you are absolutely comfortable with every cost estimate. We don’t move onto the next phase unless you are 100% happy with every figure

One of the biggest fears our clients have is that they will confirm a cost for their home build, only to be snuck up on by unexpected fees and hidden expenses.

We know how important it is to take things slow. Susie and Aaron take the time to create custom thought-of-it-all quotes that leave no room for the unexpected. And we will personally sit down with you and walk you through every element that funnels into the final fixed quote.

Of course. Building your home is an extraordinary moment in time, and we want you to feel connected with your forever home from the entire build bourney. Aaron will be on-site from start to finish, and would love to welcome you on site to get a front row seat to the transformation from vision to reality.