We take what is, and create what will be.

Collaborating with us isn’t just a process. It’s a journey.
And while no two journeys are the same, they are all guided
by our strategy-backed AMC framework.



Creating a forever home isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. And there’s a million little things that need to come together before we can cross the finish line. So before we dive in with both feet, let’s learn a little more about each other.

For us, it always starts with asking the right questions. Questions like: what kind of land are we starting with? What does a ‘forever home’ mean to you? What do you value most in life? What are you looking for in a custom-built home?

And if you aren’t sure of the specifics? We’ll be right there to help you articulate your vision.



Now it’s time to bring it all together. Your concept plan is born. Using the details from our brief, we’ll put pen to page to bring your ideas to life. Then, we tweak, adjust, and finetune it until you’re absolutely in love.

Next, we create:
  • Your floor plan with scaled furniture, a site plan and all elevations.
  • A digital 3D rendering showing how your home will look from all angles. From the first look as you turn into the driveway, from the backyard on a summer’s day. Even from the eye of an eagle flying above.
  • An in-depth cost analysis. We want you to be 100% comfortable, understood, and ready, before we move on to the next phase.


Now the pace is picking up. The AMC team will handle the entire approvals process. Collating documents to submit to the council, finalise working drawings, and collaborating with an energy rating assessor to get all the right documents stamped. We field any council questions, we handle all the paperwork, all the while working beside you to help you curate your fittings, finishes, and fixtures.



In this phase, we’ll be organising your final fixed price. We know that an investment like this isn’t just a financial one. It’s an emotional one too. We are in this project for you. To help you on your journey to forever. To guide you through the looming question marks. To be your helping hand and shoulder to lean on.



The plans, finalised. The ‘i’s dotted and the ‘t’s crossed. It’s time for construction. It’s time to bring those plans into the real world. And the whole of AMC couldn’t be more excited. You can count on the fact that our whole team has been studying your plans. Anticipating the “tools up” time. And preparing to create.

And throughout the entire build process? Aaron’s boots will be on site. Susie will oversee the entire journey. And Rachael’s finger will be on the pulse. We will be connected with you the entire time.


Welcome Home

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The cool of the keys in your palm. The inner warmth of knowing that you’re about to step into your very own forever home.

Aaron and Susie will meet you on site personally, to welcome you to your new home. A walk through with Aaron, to show you the ins-and-outs of every element. A folder organised with your warranties, certificates, and all the necessary documentation. And a hamper of locally sourced goodies. To say thank you, for trusting us. For collaborating with us. And for inviting us on this journey with you.

Now, you’re living in your dream home. Those sketches? All the plans? They’re alive. And they’re better than you ever imagined. Does that mean our partnership has finally come to a halt? Not even close. We’ll be personally checking in, in a few short months. But if you need anything before then? We’re a phone call away. And we will always make time for you.

Landing on this page is the first step toward forever.

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