Behind the build


Working in the building industry since 1998, Aaron first qualified as a carpenter, then as a builder. He’s a bit of a perfectionist and thrives on the complexities of building – in fact, a challenge is what gets him out of bed in the morning. With his technical expertise and unique ability to visualise the bigger picture, Aaron will coordinate the construction phase of your build, and personally manages and supervises the entire project to ensure every detail of your home comes together perfectly. Aaron will keep you up to speed with what’s happening on site, and is always ready to answer your questions and provide advice.

Aaron Martin

Co-founder | Lead Builder

Susie is your eyes on the inside and the guiding hand to keep your project running smoothly. Throughout the entire project, Susie will be there, gently guiding the ship. Taking an eagle-eyed view of all the moving parts to ensure we’re staying on budget and that every element of the journey is tracking as it should.

Susie Martin

Co-founder | General Manager

Rachael will be there with you through every interior design meeting to offer advice, guidance, and walk you through each element. Detail. And step. She’s detail-focused, exceptionally organised, and has an innate understanding of how to untangle the complication and intuitively understand what you need, often before you’ve even realised it yourself.

Rachael Loeser

Project Manager | Client Liaison

Fuelled by his passion for testing the boundaries of what’s possible, Matt leads our team of carpenters as they bring your vision into reality. For Matt, it’s all about the challenge. To him, every custom project is an opportunity to solve the rubix cube. To see things in a new way. To create something unseen before. And to share this zest for learning with his team of carpenters.

Matthew Longden

Lead Carpenter

Before they were building with the land, Aaron and Carl were building in the sandpit. A school friend of Aaron’s, Carl has been working in the carpentry industry for over 20 years. He isn’t just detail-driven. He’s detail-obsessed. A true craftsman, Carl embodies the commitment to quality that is rarely seen and a treasure to behold. To Carl, nothing is ever too demanding, too complicated, too challenging.

Carl Heinrich


Cooper, Nathan, and Tom – our trio of apprentices who are blowing us away everyday with their tenacity, skill, and unequivocal determination to carve out a name for themselves in the carpentry industry. Lead by Carl and Matt, our AMC apprentices have well and truly fallen into the rhythm of custom-made creations. And their enthusiasm can be seen in the seamless finishes of your forever home.


Our network is your network

We’re also surrounded by a curated team of specialist subcontractors.
All of whom share our values, ethics, and determination.

Having worked with each of them time-after-time, our relationship with our
network of subcontractors is built on a foundation of trust. Extraordinary homes
are born from the skills of extraordinary people. And we take great pride that our
brand has attracted so many true craftspeople.