forever homes
in rhythm with
the heartbeat
of the land.

We are Aaron Martin Construction.

And our mission? to connect people with the homes they are destined for through an approach that blends

How do we do this, you ask?

We see through a lens of endless possibilities.

We take what is, and create what will be.

And what will be? Are memories that last an eternity. A home you can’t wait to get back to.
And a way of life in tune with its surroundings.

That’s what we believe a forever home should be.

No two dreams are the same.

At the heart of everything we do, is you. We find our purpose in guiding you on your journey to your forever home.

At AMC, we partner with people who believe in the value
of originality. Distinction. And design that speaks to living,
not just existing.

And shoulder-to-shoulder, we create your ‘forever’.
We identify, unearth, and breathe life into your vision.

Building ‘forever’, together.

Based in the Adelaide Hills, our team is aligned through our passion for creating, our eye for the details, and our belief that when it comes to ‘forever’? There is no ‘close enough’.

Extraordinary homes are built on unbreakable foundations. And that’s exactly what we have in our tight-knit team.