From idea
to actuality.
to execution.
And from land
to lifestyle.

We take care of every single step on your journey
from blank canvas to bespoke build.

Looking for a partner to handle the A-Z of building your forever home? You’re in the right place.

For the full AMC experience? We prefer to partner with you from start-to-finish. However, if you’ve already started out on
your forever home journey but want to partner with us, then we are more than happy to explore what we can do together.

Site assessment

It all starts with the land. The canvas. Is it the right foundation for your forever home? Are there factors, hidden from your gaze, that will impact your build?

By getting our eagle eyes onto your land beforeyou buy, you’ll know with absolute clarity, exactly where you stand with this block. So you can move forward, confidently knowing your land, inside and out.

One-of-a-kind design

With the land guiding our pen, we collaborate with you to custom design you a forever home plan that connects with your lifestyle and speaks to who you are, as an individual.

It’s not a matter of must-haves and nice-to-haves. It’s the tiny things. Like knowing where your garden will get the right sunlight to thrive. How to create a wardrobe that speaks to your eclectic clothing collection. And where to place the fireplace so you can soak in the view of the night sky and stay warm at the same time.

These small details? Are the things that will guide the creation of a home that is as loved today as it is in 2 decades’ time.

Custom Build

The main event. Armed with our comprehension of the land and our design plans that leave no stone unturned, it’s now time to breathe life into your vision.

From the moment we start construction, until the moment we personally deliver your keys (and a hand-curated ‘welcome home’ gift basket, just for you), we’ll be right beside you the entire journey. To guide you through every step and keep you up to date as we transform concepts into reality.