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Our Services

At AMC, we design and build new ‘forever’ homes, renovations and extensions.

And because we love building so much, we build the odd spec home too. While every single AMC project is totally unique, they do have one thing in common: they’re completely customised and absolutely perfect for the families we built them for.



Do you love where you live but need more space, a modern feel or a more functional layout?

A renovation or extension might be the answer.

Aaron Martin Construction can work with you to develop a concept that will transform your existing family home into the home of your dreams, with a well-thought-out design that fulfils your current lifestyle needs.

Whether you have a modest renovation project in mind, or want a complete transformation of your home, we’ll create a plan that achieves the look that you want, while ensuring it integrates cohesively with the existing house and surrounding landscape.

Having a family of our own, we understand that you don’t need any extra pressure or disruptions to your life while your renovation is taking place. But a well-planned, skilfully executed renovation doesn’t need to add drama to your life.

With an AMC renovation or extension, the possibilities are endless. Ready to find out more or start planning? Get in touch today.